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Poultry & Quail Products etc

Post by Craigthequail on Thu May 22, 2008 4:10 pm

Hi Everyone,

I have for sale, 900g bags of Top quaility Layers pellets, There ideal for poultry and quails.
They are from a good brand and are one of the best Ive known. GROWERS.

Oil - 3.50%, Protein - 16.00%, Firbre - 4.50%, Ash - 14.00% Moist - 13.50%.

I charge 99p per 900g bags, but Its the postage that might put you off, It costs me 2.50, so thats how much postage would be. Full total 3.49.

I also so have 400g bags of Snowflake Supreme Wood Shavings,

Superior Quaility Woodshavings, Best Quaility Softwood Shavings, Minimal Dust, Free from Chemicals Additives and Fungal Spores.

As used by Stables and Poultry Farmers.

I charge 1.40 per 400g bags, Postage costs 1.70

If your interested please Pm or Email me

p.s I do hav larger amounts available, but they would have to be collected only.

Japanese Quail
Japanese Quail

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