Always wire Under the floor!

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Always wire Under the floor!

Post by arsenalno9 on Sun Jun 01, 2008 8:07 pm

When i started keeping Quail, I read loads of stuff, and one of the things i remembered was "Wire under the run to stop rats!"

So when i created my Quail Empire i thought of everything and forgot about the wire!

As it worked out all my Ladies are kept inside and only the boys outside i had about 30 in there waiting for me to pluck (no pun intended) up the courage to do the dirty deed and have them for lunch.

However every time i put some new boys in there i looked and counted and never seemed to get above 10. Being thick it did not dawn on me that someone was have my lunch before i was going to get the chance.

Then last Friday i went out and found 1 Quail left from 30 ish. Rats have been digging under pulling out the quail and back filling the hole the cheeky little devils. They must of been disturbed as 2 headless blooded bodies were still stuck under the batton on the floor.

I can just picture about 20 rats sitting down their hole smoking cigars drinking port and offering "any more Quail anyone"?!?!?!

I have wired the bottom or the run now! and re populated the "cage of death" with new boys.

We live and learn to remember! silent
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Re: Always wire Under the floor!

Post by Klaire on Sun Jun 01, 2008 10:00 pm

:O thats horrible! At least you found the culprits!!
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