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Post by Ironsun on Wed Oct 10, 2007 10:41 pm

Identify the following pop groups or artists from the cryptic clues, (eg. Soaked three times = Wet, wet, wet)

1) Easily Readable.
2) Warm Galaxy.
3) Every holy person.
4) Spanish heavyweight in WC.
5) B.A. , M.Sc, and B. Eng.
6) Sinatra off to make a film.
7) Crazy Kabab.
8 ) Rub-out tool.
9) Skinny Bond character.
10) Upset over phobias.


1)What is the tallest and thickest type of grass?
2) What is the most popular natural attraction in Alaska?
3) What name is given to a male swan?
4) What type of acid is extracted from the juice of lemons, oranges, limes and grapefruit?
5) In nature, what does a dendrologist study?
6) What is the largest mammal in the world and can reach a lenth of 100 foot?
7) What is the only known substance that naturally exists on earth in all three chemical states?
8 ) What is the only animal to have 4 knees?
9) Which of the following natural phenomena causes the most deaths? Hurricans, lightning strikes or earthquakes?
10) What is the difference between a frog and a toad?


1) What three flavours make up a neopolitan ice-cream?
2) Which three spice Girls songs were Christmas number ones in the UK?
3) Which three colours appears on the flag of the Republic of Ireland?
4) In the 20th century, who were the only three England internationals to be named European footballer of the year?
5) What are the names of the three female characters in the game of Cludo?
6) What are the names of the three ballets composted by tchaikovsky?
7) Who played the title roles in the film "The Three Amigoes"?
8 ) Which three countries make up the Benelux countries?
9) What were the first names of the original members of bananarama?
10) What are the first names of "Eastenders" character Ian Beale's first three wives?

The winner of this quiz will get any handmade friendship bracelet from this site

of their own choosing. God luck, Derek.
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