Coturnix japconia - Japanese, Italian & Spanish Quail

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Coturnix japconia - Japanese, Italian & Spanish Quail

Post by Suz on Tue Jan 22, 2008 7:23 pm

Coturnix japconia - Japanese Quail

Also known as Italian Quail (golden plumage) Spanish Quail (reddish plumage)

Standard Length - 7"

Standard weight - 8 - 9oz

Life Span - 3 - 5 years

Incubation Period - 18 days

Breeding Ratio - 1 male : 4/5 females

POL - 6-8 weeks old

Fertility - Drop's around 26 weeks of age

Sexing - Easy on standard colour mutations, usually by 15 days old. Hens will have specked chests, while males will have a chestnut coloured plain chest. Some mutation (white, tuxedo, range) will be harder to sex, and will require vent sexing. Cock birds have a special cloacal gland, which will become bulbous and produce whitish foam when in breeding condition.

Male Vent

Female vent

Size Mutations - Mini Japanese (3.5 - 4oz) Standard (8-9oz) Jumbo/Giants (13 - 16oz)

Colour Mutations - Whites, English Whites (usually have a few small spots of coloured feathers), Tuxedo, British Range, Fawn, to name but a few.

Normal Japanese

Adult Male -

Adult Female -

Chicks -


Adult Male -

Adult Female -

Chicks -


Adult female & Male

Chicks -

English White

chicks -

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