Suitable housing and how many quail?

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Suitable housing and how many quail?

Post by Animals4life on Mon Jul 07, 2008 10:57 pm

Last year (I think) we built some ferret "hutches" that are roughly 85" (length) x 22" (width) x 20" (height), they are enclosed in an extension to the shed, half the roof is clear plastic the other half wood and roofing felt, it is pretty warm in there (nearly as warm as our house in winter), the ceiling, bottom and 2 sides of the hutch are polycarbonate plastic, the front is wood and 1"x1" mesh, and they are about 3.1/2 foot up off the ground (but I could change them around to be 1ft off the ground) and was wondering if it would be suitable quail housing and if so how many I could put in there comfortably?

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