WANTED Male Californian Quail Surrey or near...

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WANTED Male Californian Quail Surrey or near...

Post by cluckcorner on Wed Jan 07, 2009 8:27 pm


I have recently lost my male cali quail due to the freezing conditions and as i was collecting its body the other female from my trio flew out of the house and into the wild... school boy error Sad

I have one female remaining and would love to gather her two more friends/mates... one male and one female. However, i was wondering, in the meantime would it be fine to put the female cali in with the japanese quail who are contained in a larger aviary? I am concerned that it may cause the female to be pecked at. I was also thinking about bring her inside the house in the warmth.

If anybody can inform me of a male quail i would be extremely happy and if there was another female i would be happy to pay a good price for the pair!

Thanks a lot

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